Walk no. 1

San Keller
Sunday, October 11, 2009, 2pm

Meeting point: Zurich Main Station, below Niki de Saint Phalle’s Nana

Assuming that each and every citizen of Zurich possesses adequate knowledge and competence to talk about the function and the aesthetic effect of art in the public sphere, San Keller turned down the curatorial proposition of including a so called “expert” while designing his walk. At the starting point, San Keller gave attention to the participant’s suggestions and, in a shared effort, sketched out a route through the city. He split his fee with the other referees. To San Keller this walk represented an act of “egalization”. Reinvigorating a participatory form of the production of art was only second-rate. Paramount was addressing questions concerning the strategies of the production of meaning. Nevertheless, Keller tries to expound the problems of physically and hegemonially determined structures of the city with the help of action and discourse strategies.


Besides photographs and information on each single station, it is possible to either download a transcript of all contributions or of an itinerary of the walk. Have fun browsing, exploring, and re-walking!

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