Walk no. 4

Marina Belobrovaja
Saturday, December 12, 2009, 6pm
Meeting point: Helvetiaplatz

The heated tent of VEGETABLE GARDENING, exclusively put up for kunstpassanten in the midst of a cool Zurich winter, will allow the public attending Marina Belobrovaja’s “walk” to submerge into an atmosphere of warmth in the middle of Helvetiaplatz, a town square that is, amongst other things, being used as a marketplace. Hers is a walk through a Swiss vegetable garden, inducting visitors into the peculiarities of regional production and helping them to acquaint themselves with its advantages. Not before long, a debate about the by-products of political discrepancy will be inevitable: For one thing, the consumption of regionally cultivated food products is being encouraged by the population, especially in times of growing globalization of food markets. Nowadays, conscious buying behavior enables consumers to have a say on developments in global food product markets. But secondly, the question arises whether our endeavors concerning an ethically justifiable regional consumption emancipates itself from Switzerland’s purely profit-oriented farming policy in the context of global economy, or whether they help disguising it.

View and listen to documentation! (German)

VEGETABLE GARDENING was also presented within the scope of the production Gedankensprünge at the Theaterhaus Gessnerallee from January 20 until January 30, 2010.