Walk no. 5

Kunsthaus Aussersihl
Saturday, January 23, 2010, 2pm
Meeting point: Helvetiaplatz

For kunstpassanten, Susanne Hofer, Georgette Maag, and Andreas Niederhauser from Kunsthaus Aussersihl are designing another one of their Art Circuits throughout Zurich’s district 4 on the basis of newly-made observations in this part of town. Art treasures will be unearthed both at unknown corners as well as at more prominent spots in the area. At rather unimposing locations, discovered objects will be declared as works of art and are attributed art-historical notions. Further, real stories about these objects are being told. On this walk through backyards and narrow byroads, a golden shopping cart is equally important as a crack in the asphalt, deformed kickstands, and the graffiti and tags inside the pedestrian undercrossing on Langstrasse. The participants’ perception is being guided to the small aspects of everyday life. Negligibilities are turned into landmarks, allowing for a new look at the district.

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