17.-19. September 2010
Walks with Christian Ratti and Knowbotic Research

Walk by Knowbotic Research
Disappearing … right on the lake
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Conductable anytime during the weekend (from Friday, 5pm until Sunday, 5pm)
More information about the transformation and instructions can be found on the Rote Fabrik area!


Walk with Christian Ratti
Attention: Past! – Industrial History of the Rote Fabrik

Saturday, September 18, 1pm and 4pm
Sunday, September 19, 1pm and 4pm
Duration: approx. 30 minutes
Meeting point: Rote Fabrik, at the chimney

These days, the change of use of industrial waste land has become very commonplace and most of us are sensitized to the architectural quality of these functional buildings. So much in fact, that one could even talk about «Industrial Hip». This is why currently, alternative short-term users are frequently losing these formerly cheap spaces while the preservation of industrial monuments is racing against the ongoing decline of «industrial culture», trying to achieve more than just merely conserving these factory buildings.

During a walk through the area surrounding the Rote Fabrik, and with the use of a few relicts and some fragmentary records, Christian Ratti (artist, walk scientist, and amateur in industrial history) will lay out the past of the silk weaving mill – founded in 1892 – and look for interrelations and explanations: Who manufactured these red bricks? Why is the factory located at the sea and what is its connection to the former «Palais Hennenberg», the gallery for contemporary art? …