Announcement of the project: kunstpassanten introduces itself!

On Saturday 29 and Sunday 30 of August 2009, kunstpassanten introduced itself along with the Fabriktheater at the Zurich Theater Spektakel. For this occasion Daniel Knorr designed a walk.

Daniel Knorr
Walk from a garbage point of view as a contribution to a book

Starting in 2007, Daniel Knorr has continually been working on his project CARTE DE ARTISTE. In the streets of various cities, Knorr has collected “garbage” and, after sorting it out, neatly put it in between white sheets of paper in order to compress it industrially. The results are artist book editions: each book represents one individual country. The idea is to strive towards a global encyclopedia of “public space”.

In the context of kunstpassanten Daniel Knorr has invited people, to join him on a walk through Zurich, exploring the city from a “garbage point of view”, required for his book. Every participant was equipped with a plastic bag and was urged to collect objects that were flat, worthless, and would result in a “beautiful” imprint. Thus objects found in the “public sphere” of Zurich have then been added to the Swiss Edition of Knorr’s Carte de Artiste. The artist book has been presented in Daniel Knorr’s single exhibition at Kunsthalle Basel in September 2009.