Spaziergang Nr. 9

!Mediengruppe Bitnik
LOOKING OUT FOR YOU – Instruction for a Dérive

Until end of June 2010, conductable anytime

Silent observer. Follows. Pursues. Goes by.

1. Go to the Treffpunkt (meeting point) in the Zurich Main Train Station.

2. Look around for a passerby whom you want to follow inconspicuously.

3. Let this person guide you through the city by following him/her until he/she reaches a private building into which you cannot enter. Wait to see whether the person emerges from the building within a short time and continue following him/her.

4. Document your mutual journey live using your mobile telephone by calling 044 508 26 25. Describe every change in direction, the routes, the stops and activities of your leading person. You can either do this by calling the number once and staying on the phone during the entire Dérive. Or you can call every time you want to make a new comment. Your call(s) will be recorded on an answering machine and will later be transcribed for the online documentation. The transcription will be published anonymously on the kunstpassanten website.

5. If your chosen guide enters a private building shortly after you start your mutual journey, look for a new passerby to guide you on. Document the change of person on the answering machine.

The documentation of the walk will be accessible soon.