Walk no. 3

Knowbotic Research

Until end of June 2010, conductable anytime
Information and location accessible by dialing 032 511 49 80

Knowbotic Research has designed a walk exclusively for kunstpassanten that can be realized throughout the year (from November 2009 up until June 2010). The collective’s offer allows to roam the streets of Zurich as MacGhillie, alone, at any given time and without previously defined route. But who is MacGhillie? MacGhillie goes around. With no destination, no intention or purpose of any kind it moves through controlled space. Not only are its actions completely undefined but also its identity. Neither man nor woman, neither dominant nor subordinating – gutless but yet menacing. MacGhillie defies all classification. All labels fail. It doesn’t want to communicate. Every moment of recognition is a dead end. How long until something goes wrong in this post-utopian space where everything has to be managed, optimized, and secured? Is there a place for something that doesn’t want to be anything? Somewhere in Zurich, the collective is placing a combination-locked red box containing a fatigue suit. Its location can be secured by anyone interested with only one simple phone call.

Voices of MacGhillie: Fri, 20 Nov 2009 14:19

1st broadcast on TeleZüri

2nd broadcast on TeleZüri

Article on 20 Minuten Online


This project is supported by Cabaret Voltaire and Felix Stalder.

Knowbotik Research, MacGhillie, 2009. Foto: Christoph Oeschger